April 17, 2017
North Korea (Credit: NBC News)

National News Roundtable: North Korea, Syria, and the Trump Administration

April 17, 2017 - Segment 2 - We hosted a National News Roundtable where we discussed the issues surrounding Syria and North Korea, as well as numerous other issues.
April 14, 2017

Tengella’s Take: State Execution In Arkansas

April 14, 2017 - Segment 1 - We hosted the newest edition of our weekly segment, Tengella's Take with Center for Emerging Media Satirical Commentator Koli Tengella.
April 14, 2017

Soundbites: The Peoples Climate March & Renewable Energy In Maryland

April 13, 2017 - Segment 2 - We hosted the newest edition of our series on our food and our world, Sound Bites. We continued our countdown to the Peoples Climate March, taking place in DC on April 29. We talked about what renewable energy means for the country under Trump as well as for Maryland, specifically.
April 13, 2017

Dr. Charles Limb and Dr. Mariale Hardiman: Neuro-Education and Arts In Education

April 12, 2017 - Segment 1 - We hosted an archive from 2014 where I spoke with Dr. Charles Limb and Dr. Mariale Hardiman who are pioneers in the field of neuro-education. We spoke about whether putting more arts in the classroom helps kids learn.
April 10, 2017
climate change

Sound Bites: Climate Change and The Future

April 6, 2017 - Segment 3 - We hosted the latest edition of Sound Bites, our series on our food and our world. We examined the historical context of the climate change debate, and then hosted a diverse panel of guests who considered the reality of climate change and how to effectively talk about it.
March 20, 2017
FBI James Comey (Credit: CNN)

National News Roundtable: Russia Interference & The Supreme Court

March 20, 2017 - Segment 1 - We hosted a National News Roundtable, discussing topics related to the controversy around Russia and the upcoming hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. With: Mark Trahant, Dr. Richard Vatz, and Dr. Kimberly Moffitt.
March 17, 2017
Wikileaks (Credit: Guardian)

Wikileaks: Spy Tactics of The CIA and MI5

March 17, 2017 - Segment 3 - We hosted a discussion on the significance of the Wikileaks revelations about the spy tactics of the CIA and MI5, and what it means about our privacy. With: Jenna McLaughlin, and Sean Gallagher.
March 13, 2017
GOP Health Care (Credit: Washington Free Beacon)

Affordable Care Act: Implementation & Repeal

March 13, 2017 - Segment 1 - We hosted a debate on the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans' plan to repeal and replace it, and the possibility of a single payer plan. With: Rachel Bovard, Dr. Jonathan Weiner, and Dr. James Burdick.
March 1, 2017
Trump State of Union (Credit: Chicago Tribune)

Roundtable Conversation: Trump’s Speech Before Congress

March 1, 2017 - Segment 1 - We hosted a panel discussion on Donald Trump's speech before the joint session of Congress, that took place on February 28, 2017. With: Dr. Desiree Melton, and Bill Fletcher, Jr.
February 22, 2017

Dr. Mario Livio: Churchill’s Essay On Alien Life

February 22, 2017 - Segment 1 - I hosted a fascinating discussion with internationally known astrophysicist, bestselling author, and popular lecturer Dr. Mario Livio, based on his recent article in Nature magazine, "Winston Churchill's essay on alien life found."
January 27, 2017

SoundBites: Future Harvest & Trump’s EPA

January 26, 2017 - Segment 2 - We hosted our newest episode of Sound Bites, our series about our food and our world. We began the episode with a panel Marc moderated entitled "Cultivate the Chesapeake Foodshed." and then hosted a conversation about Trump's pick to run the EPA, Scott Pruit.
October 7, 2016
Baltimore, MD -7/2/14- Denzel Mitchell, of Baltimore, harvests for cucumbers Wednesday afternoon. Mitchell owns operates his farm, "Five Seeds Farm" and provides it's vegetables to local Baltimore restaurants. Rachel Woolf/Baltimore Sun -- #7308

Sound Bites: MD Solar Congress / End-Dependence Day

October 6, 2016 - Segment 2 - We have two event previews on this week's Sound Bites. One is for the MD Solar Congress in Annapolis, another is the End-Dependence Day at #WorldFoodDay2016 at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore.