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Just Words

Just Words: The Story Of Lucille Robinson

rowhouseJuly 3, 2015 – Segment 4

We bring you a special segment of our Peabody Award-winning series Just Words. We hear from the late Lucille Robinson, a grandmother who was the sole caregiver to six grandchildren, as she told the story of how she came to be in such dire circumstances.


Just Words: Walker Gladden

killingOctober 10, 2014 – Segment 3

We listen to a segment of our Peabody Award-winning series Just Words. This episode focuses on Walker Gladden, a former prisoner who has devoted his life to saving young men and women in Baltimore. He talks about the divide that separates boys and girls in the ‘hood from the rest of the world.


Just Words: Honoring Those Working Hard This Labor Day

Just WordsSeptember 1, 2014 – Segment 2 (Two Hour Special)

We listen back to our Peabody Award winning series Just Words. The 2007 series focuses on people throughout Baltimore and Maryland, people who take care of our children and elders, stadium workers who clean the bathrooms and stands we sit in, people who work two, three, four jobs just to make ends meet, people experiencing homelessness, gang members and formerly incarcerated people trying to build new lives. To honor those working so hard on this Labor Day, we bring you Just Words in a two hour special.


Just Words: Jacquetta Lyles, A Day Laborer in Baltimore

Downtown BaltimoreMay 23, 2014 – Segment 4

We conclude the week with a segment from the Center for Emerging Media’s own Peabody Award-winning series, Just Words. You’ll hear the voice and moving story of Jacquetta Lyles, a day laborer at the sports stadiums in Baltimore.


Episode 1: Lucille Robinson

One grandmother in charge of six children

Lucille Robinson, a 69-year-old grandmother who is the sole caregiver to six grandchildren, tells the story of how she came to be in such dire circumstances.

Episode 2: Lucille Robinson

Making ends meet on $700 a month

Lucille describes how, against all odds, she manages to support her family on only $700 a month. She shares her concerns about her inability to afford Christmas presents or food.

Episode 3: Lucille Robinson

Why good kids go bad

Lucille shares her belief that many children are lured by the promise of making money on the street corner selling drugs as a direct result of the unwillingness of the local, state, and federal government to provide support to the children’s caretakers. She describes the kind of support and recognition she wants from the government.

Episode 4: Jaquetta Lyles

Exploited by the Orioles

Jacquetta Lyles, a mother of four and a day laborer at the downtown sports stadiums, describes the conditions she works under, and how she is paid with a money card that charges her each time she uses it.

Episode 5: Jacquetta Lyles

A Mother’s Struggles

Jacquetta describes how she is dependent on the assistance and shelter provided by her mother and great-uncle, without which she would be in a shelter. She also shares how she tries to provide her children with a happy childhood, despite the worries that plague her.

Episode 6: Jacquetta Lyles

Standing up for her rights

Jacquetta tells how she came to become involved in the United Workers
Association, and makes a passionate plea for people to stand behind her
efforts to make a better life for herself.

Episode 7: Gloria Knight

The $50,000 hospital bill

Gloria Knight is a state-contracted daycare provider who is unable to
afford health insurance. A bicycle accident left her with a $50,00
hospital bill.

Episode 8: Gloria Knight

Why home child care providers are important

Gloria discusses the social fallout that would ensue if daycare
providers looked for alternative employment that provided benefits. She
also shares her personal connection with a special child, a connection
that encourages here to stay in child care.

Episode 9: Gloria Knight

Why home child care providers must form a union

Gloria discusses the benefits she thinks would stem from unionizing child care providers in Maryland.

Episode 10: Walker Gladden

The everyman of the inner city streets of Baltimore

Walker Gladden is a fomer prisoner who has devoted his life to saving
young men and women in Baltimore. He speaks about the gulf that
separates boys and girls in the ‘hood from the rest of the world.

Episode 11: Various Community Activists

What the rest of the world doesn’t understand about living in the ‘hood

Marc speaks with community activists about the tremendous gulf that
exists between their perception of the world and how they are seen by


Episode 12: Ray Cook

The power of love to change lives

Could love have the power to transform the lives of children in
inner-city communities? Ray Cooke, an ex-offender who runs the program
On Our Shoulders in West Baltimore, speaks about his belief that love
can be a powerful agent of change.

Episode 13: Nargas Hyman

An after school program changes lives in Park Heights

The home of Nargas Hyman is also the home of B Spirit, a homework and
tutoring center for inner-city youth. But it’s more than that: it is a
bunker of hope in one of the cities most drug-ridden areas.

Episode 14: Taveon “Bill” Nash

A young man struggles to keep on a path of success

Taveon "Bill" Nash works two jobs, 7 days a week in order to provide for his 2-year-old son. He works hard, serves as a youth mentor, and is an example of how youth in Park Heights can succeed if given encouragement and support. But he also illustrates the lengths that many working people must go to in order to keep everything together.

Episode 15: Cierra

A young woman avoids the cycle of violence and defeat in Park Heights

This is the story of how 20-year-old Cierra has managed to rise above the cycle of violence and defeat in her Park Heights neighborhood.


Episode 16: Robert

Why the temp agency needs reform

39-year-old Robert shares his thoughts on how the day laborer industry in Baltimore City is exploitative, and how he hopes to help reform it.


Episode 17: Becca

A waitress, a mother, a grandmother, and a student on what it takes to achieve the American dream

Becca is a waitress, a mother, a grandmother, and a student. How does she juggle it all? What does it take to attain the American dream?

Episode 18: Terry

How I got to prison

Terry is an ex-felon trying to live a new, positive life on the outside. But, he’s still haunted by things that happened to him while he was in prison.

Episode 19: Terry

Love on the subway

When Terry left prison to serve his last 18 months on home detention, he didn’t expect to fall in love—but he did. He also didn’t expect to be taken back to prison—but he was.

Episode 20: Terry

Being HIV Positive

Terry reveals that he is HIV positive. He shares how he thinks he contracted the disease, and what he thinks it means for his future.

Episode 21: Terry

Getting a job with a record

Terry is doing everything he can to defy Maryland’s recidivism rate. But things are hard in the job market for a man with a record.

Episode 22: Sheila and Keonya

When a daughter gets shot

Sheila Christian-Canon has been living in a nightmare since her 14 year old daughter was caught in the crossfire of a possible gang turf battle.

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Meet Keonya, “Just Words” episodes 22 and 27, in this audio/visual slideshow created by Eli Lopatin. Eli is a professional photographer who lives and works in Baltimore; “I am still settling in here, but I am beginning to do work on some personal projects. I continue to grow as a photographer and as a journalist in hopes that I may reach a larger audience with my work”.

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Episode 23: Annette Scary

When the paycheck doesn’t arrive

What would happen to your family if your paychecks went missing for three months? Annette Scary, a child care worker in Baltimore County, describes how this happened to her.

Episode 24: Beth

Pregnant at age 44

The distance from living at home to living on the street wasn’t very far for Beth. An unexpected pregnancy was the beginning.

Episode 25: Beth

Homeless and addicted

More on Beth, who lost her job due to an unexpected pregnancy and began using drugs. This is the story of her journey through homelessness and rehab.


Episode 26: Beth

A reason for hope

Beth has survived through depression, homelessness, and rehab. What comes next? She shares her dreams for the future.

Episode 27: Sheila and Keonya

Graduation Day

Less than two months ago, Keonya was fighting for her life in Shock Trauma after being shot in the abdomen. Today, she reaches a milestone that many had feared she wouldn’t achieve.

Don’t Miss the Audio/Visual Slideshow from Eli Lopatin

Meet Keonya, “Just Words” episodes 22 and 27, in this audio/visual slideshow created by Eli Lopatin. Eli is a professional photographer who lives and works in Baltimore; “I am still settling in here, but I am beginning to do work on some personal projects. I continue to grow as a photographer and as a journalist in hopes that I may reach a larger audience with my work”.

CLICK HERE to see and hear Marc and Keonya

Episode 28: Dante Wilson

A walk in West Baltimore

Dante Wilson had devoted his life to trying to save kids from lives of violence and crime. We take a walk with him in his west Baltimore neighborhood.

Episode 29: Dante Wilson

The children of West Baltimore share their dreams, fears

The voices of the young children that live in battered neighborhoods in Baltimore are full of optimism and hope, but also a chilling awareness of the fear and violence all around them.

Episode 30: Darryl

How I became a thug

This is the story of Darryl’s journey into corner life.

Episode 31: Darryl

How six years of prison changed my life

Six years of incarceration inspired Darryl to evolve in surprising way.

Episode 32: Darryl

On being a father

Being a good father has become the most important thing in Darryl’s life since being released from prison.

Episode 33: Darryl

Becoming a community activist

Darryl is using his own experiences and his talent at connecting with
young people to try and save the lives of boys and girls in the hood.

Episode 34: Carla Reeves and Donny

Two stories of rural homelessness

Carla and Donny have each had to live in the woods because they had
nowhere else to turn. Their stories challenge stereotypes about how and
why people become homeless.

Episode 35: Carla Reeves

Bringing the homeless into her own home

Carla describes how she has opened her home to the homeless. She often has several people living in her house or on her land. Why does she do this?

Episode 36: Carla Reeves

Why men die in the woods in Cecil County

Carla talks about the mental and physical health problems that result
from a lack of services for the homeless. She also discusses the recent
ACLU lawsuit against the town of Elkton.

Episode 37: Rose Menustik

Why workers at Camden Yards are suffering

Rose Menustik will be going on a hunger strike to protest working and payment conditions for the cleaners at Camden Yards. She talks about her experience as a day laborer in Baltimore.

Episode 38: Rose Menustik

Hunger strike

Why are the people who clean Camden Yards going on a hunger strike? Why did negotiations break down? Rose Menustik tells her side of the story.

Episode 39: Lorraine Mackey

Murdered son

Has the death of a young black man in Baltimore become irrelevant? This is the story of one mother, Lorraine Mackey, whose son was lost to gang violence.

Episode 40: Lorraine Mackey

Who is to blame?

Lorraine Mackey is trying to make sense of the world in which her son was murdered at eighteen. Lorraine shares her thoughts on who is to blame.

Episode 41: Lorraine Mackey

What needs to change

Lorraine shares her ideas for systematic changes she thinks could help other people avoid meeting the same fate as her son.

Episode 42: Anonymous

The life of an addicted and mentally ill homeless woman

The lives of homeless people who suffer from addiction and mental illness can be grim, especially when state resources are scarce. A young, pregnant woman tells her story.

Episode 43: Omar

I robbed a woman at gunpoint

Omar is a young black man who narrowly avoided doing years in prison after committing armed robbery. He talks about why he committed this crime and the kind of person he was when he did it.

Episode 44: Omar

My son changed my life

The birth of his son on New Year’s Eve inspired Omar to make a resolution to change his life. But how? He had no idea which way to turn, until he chanced upon a brochure.

Episode 45: Omar

Leaving the gang behind

Omar talks about the delicate process of charting a path away from gang life, and shares his first tentative dreams for the future.

Episode 46: Donny

The 14 year old drug dealer

Donny was only 14 when he started selling drugs in Baltimore. This is the story of how he became a drug dealer.

Episode 47: Donny

Me and the juvenile justice system

A few years after he became a drug dealer, Donny was incarcerated in
the juvenile system. He talks about his experience in the system and
how it changed his relationship with his mother.

Episode 48: Donny

What I learned about cheese

Donny talks about a program that helped him begin to change his stubborn and angry attitude, and tells a story that inspired him to approach life in a different way.

Episode 49: Donny

My future

Donny shares his dreams and hopes, and tells the story of how he came to have a future in the culinary arts.

Episode 50: Corrine

Raising two kids on $300 a week

Corrine is a young mother of two who struggles to make ends meet
everyday. She talks about the experience of raising her children on a low hourly wage.

Episode 51: Beth: Update

Reunited with her daughter

Last May, Beth told the story of how she ended up homeless and addicted to drugs, and her fight to get back a normal life. Today, she gives an update on her life.

Episode 52: Lucille Robinson – Update

What asbestos has done

This series began with the story of Lucille Robinson, a grandmother responsible for the sole care of several grandchildren. A year later, how is Lucille doing?

Episode 53: Robert – Update

The Workers Won

We check in with Robert, to find out whether cleaners at Camden Yards were able to secure a living wage.

Episode 54: Terry – Update

Troubling finding work

Terry, the ex-convict who shared his story in episodes 18-21, talks about his the difficult time he is having finding a job.

Episode 55: Terry – Update

Feeling bleak about the future

Terry expresses the feelings of hopelessness he feels when he thinks about the future.


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