Marc SteinerThe Marc Steiner Show, a production of the Center for Emerging Media, first aired on March 3, 1993, with an episode in which panelists debated the controversial birth control method, Norplant.

Since that date, Marc has never shied away from grappling with the tough issues of the day, and has continued to bring the voices of all stakeholders to the airwaves – acknowledging that an informed listenership is critical to a true democracy, and trusting that educated listeners are capable of making their own decisions on issues that affect them.

The Marc Steiner Show is unique among talk radio shows because it:

  • looks beyond day-to-day political discussions to the cultural and human forces that drive us;
  • includes voices from all sides, even voices that other media outlets ignore – such as the working poor, prisoners, and at-risk youth – in the interest of catalyzing real solutions;
  • brings together people who would not usually interact, such as Israeli and Palestinian activists who have never before spoken to each other;
  • features the voices of persons of color who are experts on all types of issues, from science to the arts to politics; and
  • acknowledges the complexity of issues, understanding that there are no easy answers.

The topics of The Marc Steiner Show are wide-ranging, and include: