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Award-winning ‘Nomadland’ documents poverty and survival in America

Inequality.Org Founder and Director Chuck Collins discuss the way the film, based on Jessica Bruder’s book “Nomadland,” portrays the lives of people who aren’t homeless, but houseless.

Wall Street is a Grift

Marc is joined by investigative journalist Arun Gupta and former financial regulator Bill Black to discuss how the stock market actually works and how we can hold Wall Street accountable.

What a Radical Basketball Coach Looks Like; Kamilah Forbes Brings Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Words to Life

We talk with Jesse Washington about how college basketball coach John Thompson took on the racist sports power brokers and changed the game. Then, Kamilah Forbes discusses the politics of her dramatic adaptation of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s book, “Between the World and Me.”

Why 2021 Could Be the Year Labor STRIKES BACK

With a new Democratic administration in place and so many union contracts about to expire, 2021 could be a major turning point in the labor movement. In this segment of “The Marc Steiner Show,” Marc is joined by longtime union organizer and Boston’s SEIU Local 888 Chief of Staff Rand Wilson to discuss how labor can seize this moment and turn 2021 into a year of mass solidarity.