The Marc Steiner Show

Voices Of The #FreddieGray Protests

Video documentary series highlighting voices from the #FreddieGray protests throughout in Baltimore, Maryland. Featuring voices from the Sandtown-Winchester community, where Freddie lived, community advocates, and youth advocates.

This is a production of the Marc Steiner Show & Center for Emerging Media by Stefanie Mavronis and Mark Gunnery, and produced for WEAA 88.9FM, The Voice of the Community.

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Featured podcast: May 1st — Special Presentation: Voices From The Freddie Gray Protests

Below is a partial list of our coverage on the death of Freddie Gray and the aftermath in Baltimore.

4/21: Local Roundtable: Freddie Gray, Police Violence, and 300 Man March

4/23: #FreddieGray: Community Activists On Protests In Baltimore

4/27: Freddie Gray Protests in Baltimore + Special Coverage of Freddie Gray’s Funeral

4/28: From Protest To Policy: Analyzing The Baltimore Uprising & Protests For Justice For Freddie Gray

4/29: Baltimore Uprising: Analyzing The Demonstrations, Protests & Violence Following The Death Of Freddie Gray

4/30: Baltimore Uprising: Black Lives Matter Conference | Student Protests Take Over Baltimore | The Unprecedented Empty-Stadium Orioles Game

5/1: Special Presentation: Voices From The Freddie Gray Protests

5/4: Where Do We Go From Here?: Healing & Moving Baltimore Forward

5/5: Where Does Baltimore Go From Here?

5/6: Congressman Elijah Cummings on Protests and More + Baltimore Protests and Police Brutality in Historical Context + The Role of Baltimore’s Youth in Organizing

5/7: In Baltimore and Across the Country, Black Faces In High Places Haven’t Helped Average Black People

5/11: Continuing the Momentum of the Baltimore Uprising