Marc Steiner is one of the most recognized voices in Maryland and has gained national acclaim for his insightful style of interviewing. Always open to featuring voices from all sides of the issues, his motto is “The Truth lives in every corner.” He attributes his interviewing expertise to one word: Listening.

Marc Steiner

In 1993, when the General Manager of Johns Hopkins University’s radio station WJHU decided the station needed a public interest radio show, Marc Steiner asked if he could give it a shot.

He was given a phone, a studio, one hour a week, and told to do the best he could. Thus was born The Marc Steiner Show.

Since that time, Marc has become one of the most recognized voices in Maryland and has gained national acclaim for his insightful style of interviewing.

When WJHU came up for sale in 2001, Marc led the movement to maintain community ownership and played an integral role in the founding of WYPR. He served as Executive Vice President of WYPR from 2002 to 2006, and in that time founded his own non-profit production company, the Center for Emerging Media (CEM). In 2007 Marc and CEM won a Peabody Award, the most distinguished award in broadcast media, for the series Just Words. From 2008 to 2017, Marc’s show aired on WEAA 88.9-FM at Morgan State University. In 2018, he began producing stories for The Real News Network.

Marc is currently executive producing a video documentary series called “Alabama Chronicles,” featuring Dr. Martin Luther King’s Montgomery, Alabama, barber and other key players in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

In 2018, Marc was interviewed for the National Museum of African American History and Culture’s “City of Hope” exhibition, in commemoration of the 50th-anniversary celebration of Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign and Resurrection City, and he was also commissioned to conduct interviews with other activists. Both Marc’s interview and those he conducted are permanent parts of the exhibition.ope

Marc has always been on the cutting edge of bringing innovative programs to life. Earlier in his career, he worked in therapeutic settings with at-risk youth. He founded a theater program in the Maryland State prison system, as well as the Family Circle Theater, a company of teenagers who wrote, produced, directed, and acted in original productions. Marc also served for a year as the principal of Baltimore’s Experimental High School, and he taught Theatre for ten years at the Baltimore School for the Arts.

Marc and his wife Valerie live in the country just outside of Baltimore. He has three beautiful daughters, four brilliant grandchildren, and one outstanding great-grandson.

Watch the short documentary created by the Center for Emerging Media Board to honor Marc at the celebration of his 20 years on the air and 50 years working for justice.