February 25, 2015

Sound Bites: Young Farmers In Baltimore City On Why They Farm & Their Communities | Finding The Best Matzoh Ball Soup

February 24, 2015 - Segment 3 - In our latest edition of Sound Bites, we host a panel of young farmers in Baltimore City, and hear about the best matzoh ball soup in Baltimore.
February 3, 2015

Sound Bites: St. Brigit, Patron Saint Of Sound Bites | Why Did The Chicken Cross The World? | Recipe: Leftover Couscous Salad

February 3, 2015 - Segment 3 - On the newest episode of Sound Bites, our series about our food and our world, we begin the show with a look at St. Brigit's Day, which was celebrated on February 1. We hear about a new book called 'Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?,' and hear a special leftover couscous salad recipe from Michael Twitty
January 27, 2015

Sound Bites: Governor Hogan’s Environmental Policies | Carole Morrison’s Expanding Vision For Agriculture On Delmarva

January 27, 2015 - Segment 4 - In this episode of Sound Bites, we examine changes in Maryland's environmental and agricultural policy under new Governor Larry Hogan. Then, we're joined by poultry farmer Carole Morison, who joins us to talk about the expansion of her farm and crowd sourcing campaign.
January 13, 2015

Sound Bites: What Does Waterkeeper v. Hudson Trial Mean For Future Maryland Environmental Policies?

January 13, 2015 - Segment 4 - We look back at the historic 2013 ruling in the Waterkeeper v. Hudson case and the continuing debate on poultry farming and pollution in our Bay.
August 12, 2014

Sound Bites: US Apples Banned in EU | Chicken Nuggets | Eating Wildly

August 12, 2014 - Segment 3 - In our latest episode of Sound Bites, we discuss the EU's ban on apples from the US, hear about what is really in chicken nuggets, and learn about what kind of wild edibles you can find in the month of August.
June 4, 2014

Sound Bites: The Meat Racket-The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business

June 3, 2014 - Segment 3 - We have a special episode of Sound Bites! We listen in on the informative and lively town hall meeting that took place on May 15 at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, featuring my interview with Christopher Leonard about his new book The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America's Food Business.
March 11, 2014

Sound Bites: Happy Hens / Station North Food Hub / What’s Your Kitchen Literacy?

March 11, 2014 - Segment 3 - This week on Sound Bites, we begin with Joel Salatin, full-time alternative farmer in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. Then, we visit Baltimore's Liam Flynn's Ale House to talk about Open Plough and their new food menu. We close out the show with Ann Vileisis, author of Kitchen Literacy: How We Lost Knowledge of Where Food Comes from and Why We Need to Get It Back.
March 5, 2014

Sound Bites: Talking Nutrition / Beginner Farmers / What’s In Your Chicken?

March 4, 2014 - Segment 4 - In this week's Sound Bites, we begin by talking nutrition and Future Harvest CASA's Beginner Farmer Training program. Then, we hear from the star of the new "Was This Chicken Inspected?" Food and Water Watch commercial.
February 25, 2014

Sound Bites: Food Insecurity And Seniors | “Stop Cove Point” Protest & Dominion Energy Response | Poultry Fair Share Act Dead In Maryland?

February 25, 2014 - Segment 4 - In our latest episode of Sound Bites, we talk about food insecurity among seniors, hear about why some people oppose the retrofitting of the Cove Point facility to export natural gas, and look at the controversial Poultry Fair Share Act.
October 24, 2013

Sound Bites: Food Stamp Challenge | What’s In That Chicken Nugget? | Local Turkeys For Thanksgiving

October 22, 2013 - Segment 3 - We look at Maryland Hunger Solution's Food Stamp Challenge, on the latest edition of Sound Bites! We also look at what's inside that chicken nugget and learn about a duo that's raising turkeys locally.