Sound Bites: Talking Nutrition / Beginner Farmers / What’s In Your Chicken?

Was This Chicken Inspected?March 4, 2014 – Segment 4

In this week’s Sound Bites, we begin by talking nutrition, with fitness professional and community activist Chauncey Whitehead; professional trainer and bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd; and registered dietician Angela Ginn-Meadow.

We shine a light on the Future Harvest-CASA Beginner Farmer Training Program, with current beginner farmer Aleya Fraser and former program participant Denzel Mitchell.

We close out the show with a humorous look at a not-so-funny issue: industrial poultry farming. Last month Food and Water Watch released a new video on the topic, featuring Once Upon A Time star Raphael Sbarge. Watch the video here, and tune in as Sbarge joins our discussion, along with Food and Water Watch Senior Lobbyist Tony Corbo.