Reporting Pesticides in Maryland and What Waterkeeper/Perdue Means for the Future

Then at 6pm, it’s a new episode of Sound Bites. This week, we discuss the controversy over pesticides in our environment with the release of two reports detailing the prevalence of pesticides in the Chesapeake Bay, and a new piece of legislation going before the Maryland General Assembly that would require pesticide applicators, like farmers and pesticide sellers, to report information about them to the state. Joining us to talk about this are:

This week, we also wrap up our coverage of the Waterkeeper/Hudson Trial, in which a Baltimore judge ruled in favor of the Hudson family, the Perdue contract chicken farmers on the Eastern Shore sued by the Waterkeeper Alliance for alleged violation of the Clean Water Act.
Providing analysis of the case and what this means for the green movement in our country are Tim Wheeler, who writes the B’More Green column and reports on the environment and agriculture for The Baltimore Sun; and Patrick Parenteau, Professor of Law at the Vermont Law School and Senior Counsel at the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic.