Marc Steiner is the Founder, President, and CEO of the Center for Emerging Media.

Marc SteinerIn 1993, when the General Manager of Johns Hopkins University’s radio station WJHU decided the station needed a public interest radio show, Marc Steiner asked if he could give it a shot. He was given a phone, a studio, one hour a week, and told to do the best he could. Thus was born The Marc Steiner Show. In the twenty years hence, Marc has become one of the most recognized voices in Maryland and has gained national acclaim for his insightful style of interviewing. Read More…

Valerie Williams is the Secretary/Treasurer and Executive Director.

Valerie Williams came on board as Executive Director of Center for Emerging Media in September 2010, after serving several years on the CEM Board of Directors. Valerie brought with her some 22 years’ experience in fund-raising and management of non-profit organizations. She served as Managing Producer on CEM’s 2006 series Shared Weight. She also functions as Project Manager for the Sound Bites series. In 2011 Valerie completed a graduate certificate program in Ecotherapy, with a focus on Sustainability. She loves gardening, reading, walking/running through country roads, and conversing with nature.


Following are the members of CEM’s Board of Directors:

  • Taro Adachi, MD (Vice President)
  • Anirban Basu
  • Clare Gorman
  • William Henderson
  • Kempton Ingersol
  • Brian LeGette
  • Renae Olver
  • Benjamin Piven
  • Joy Sakamoto-Wengel
  • Nick Sheridan
  • Jason Timoll
  • Tracy Ward
  • Dante Wilson