Sound Bites: Food Insecurity in Maryland, The Richest State in the Nation

realfoodfarm-mobilemarket1December 10, 2013 – Hour 2

In partnership with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Food System Map Project, we launch a new feature: Hunger in the Richest State. Why does the richest state in the nation have so many food-insecure people? We hear the stories of individuals from across the state who are struggling to put food on the table – from Cambridge to Baltimore to Western Maryland – and learn about the good work that is being done to address the need.

You will hear from: Michael J. Wilson, Director of Maryland Hunger Solutions, and Amanda Behrens, Project Manager with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future‘s Food Mapping project, as well as voices from: the Church Street Pantry in Cambridge, MD; the food pantry and produce drop at the Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in Baltimore; the Real Food Farm‘s Mobile Farmers Market in Baltimore; the Maryland Food Bank Western Branch servicing Western Maryland; and the Garrett County Food Resource Day in Oakland, MD.

To see the Story Map, click here.

This segment is a rebroadcast from September 24, 2013.