National News Roundtable: Planned Parenthood Defunded, Republican Presidential Debate, & The Case of Joey Meeks

GOP Debate (Credit: CBS Denver)September 21, 2015 – Segment 1

In our first segment Dr. Kaye sits in as a guest host. She is Associate Professor of Communication and African and African American Studies at Loyola University Maryland, and the author of several books, including Letters to My Black Sons: Raising Boys in a Post-Racial America, and the award-winning Notes From A Colored Girl: The Civil War Pocket Diaries of Emile Frances Davis.

We start with a national news roundtable, where we’ll talk about the House voting to defund Planned Parenthood, the case of Joey Meek, the Republican presidential debate, and the release of Jesse Jackson Jr. from prison. With: Imara Jones, Host of CaffeineTV, an online daily news brief, and Economic Justice contributor for Colorlines.comDr. Kelly Brown Douglas, Susan D. Morgan Professor of Religion at Goucher College; and Jordan Bloom, opinion editor at the Daily Caller.