MD Court Of Appeals Questions Fairness Of Jury Convictions Before 1980

Baltimore, Md--7/25/13--Left, Alexander Mustafa embraces (facing camera) Saleem El-Amin outside Courthouse East after El-Amin and several inmates convicted of murder are released. Mustafa, who had been in prison, but has been out for 17 years, met El-Amin while they were incarcerated.  The men just released were convicted before 1980 and the Court of Appeals ruled jurors had been given improper instructions.  Kim Hairston/The Baltimore Sun--#1841August 27, 2013 – Segment 1

We begin our show with a discussion on a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling last year that called into question the fairness of jury convictions before 1980, and led to the release from prison last week of five men who had been convicted of murder. Joining us are:

  • Michael Millemann, Jacob A. France Professor of Public Interest Law at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law and Director of the Leadership, Ethics & Democracy Initiative;
  • Russell Butler, Executive Director of Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center;
  • and Walter Lomax, founder of the Maryland Restorative Justice Initiative and a former prisoner who was exonerated after serving many years in prison.