The Life and Death of Malcolm Shabazz, Grandson of Malcolm X

Malcolm ShabazzMay 14, 2013 – Segment 3

We reflect on the life and death of Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X, who was beat to death in an attempted robbery in Mexico City on Thursday. We are joined by:

  • Fred Hampton, Jr., son of assassinated Black Panther Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton, Sr., and the Founder, President, and Chairman of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee;
  • Dr. Randy Short, of the Black Autonomy Network and friend of Malcolm Shabazz;
  • E.R. ShippAssociate Professor and Journalist-in-Residence in the Department of Communication Studies at Morgan State University;
  • and Dave Zirin, sports correspondent for The Nation and author of Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. This is very suspicious in that he was beat to death in a robbery attempt in Mexico! I do not know the details but intend to find out. He had great potential and of course the powers at be do not want another Malcolm X, nor another King nor another Nat, nor Harriet nor Sojourner nor any other great leader to come forth and fight their evil greed ridden system of monopoly finance capitalism and their 2,000 major multinational corporations. Thus it seems that this was an effort to nip this young Revolutionary in the bud before he really got started good. We shall find out! Minister Kujenga Eliyah Ashe’ founder of THE ECONOMIC RIGHTS MOVEMENT. See us on Fb and Youtube. Also you may join our closed group on Facebook by applying. Serious people only!

  2. 15 May 2013

    I like the words of Dr. Short and Dave Zirin.

    I don’t like the words of E.R. Shipp. She needs to stand down. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about and needs to be quiet.

    She seemingly doesn’t realize that she’s in a racist society and it isn’t a coincidence when generations of families of Afrikan people are cut down, decade after decade.

    She doesn’t recognize what a tool of the state media is, so that any time alternative media is objective for the peoples’ struggles, it should be recognized as such.

    And just because someone doesn’t have a ‘big name’ doesn’t mean that their positive and progressive deeds should be discounted.

    Thank you Dr. Short and Dave Zirin for your words.

  3. Jahkia Tuereg says:

    Dave Zarin was so on point! The media had successfully blocked out any information about this incredible young man except for his run-ins with the law as a child (and those were so minor). Clearly he had the charisma and gift to be a true leader as his grandfather. Apparently the new plan is to nip black leadership in the bud before it can blossom. J.Edgard Hoover would be proud.

  4. Ms. Selassie says:

    Malaika H Kambon said it ALL!

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