Safety In Baltimore’s Homeless Shelters

Baltimore City Homeless ShelterMarch 20, 2013 – Segment 3

We explore the safety of Baltimore’s homeless shelters with news early Sunday morning that a man was fatally stabbed at the Code Blue Homeless Shelter in the 600 block of Fallsway. Joining us are:

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Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Concerned citizen says:

    I’m unclear on many things after hearing this segment.
    First of all, the shelter and residents seem to disagree on the specifics of the murder that occurred last week. I’d be interested to see if the shelter would release the video that they say proves the murder happened outside of the shelter. Also, does this mean it occurred outside on shelter property or somewhere else?

    Secondly, I don’t feel like Marc’s question about the shelter count time was answered. Linda Boyer answered that these people line up at 3:30pm to get a bed, so they can be given dinner after. Tony Simmons answered that the line up time is 11:30am. Why are we hearing these two different times? Why does the Executive Director not know what Tony Simmons is talking about? What is the truth? Why can’t people be fed later in the day? How is this a “customized need” as Linda Boyer stated?

    I’d be interested to hear the follow up on this issue and to be able to ask at least one of my questions if there is another segment on this topic

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