Downtown Stories: UMBC Students Explore Forgotten Baltimore History

UMBC Downtown StoriesJanuary 5, 2015 – Segment 2

We have a special treat today. We’re going to hear Downtown Stories, radio pieces produced by UMBC students taking a course called “Place and Public History in Baltimore” led by UMBC’s Dr. Nicole King and Dr. Kate Drabinski. The course explores the people, places, and social movements that have contributed to the rich history and culture of Baltimore City, delving below the surface of historical narratives of rich, white, male developers and uncovering the social history of the city. The question they sought to answer was: What should the public remember about Baltimore history and why?

We wanted to thank the UMBC Humanities students who contributed to the research and reporting of this history: Emma Barnes, Morgan Chadderton, Kate Giitter, Meg Gomyo, Zoe Russo, Morgan Zepp, Natalie Cook, Mary Davis, Mary Farrell, Flora Kirk, Julian Tash, Kelly Wan, Anthony Alberti, Kelley Bennett, Carrie Cook, Emily Grace, Rebecca Haddaway and Kaitlyn Moretz.