Countdown to the Annapolis Summit: Health Care

Annapolis Summit (Credit: Maryland Daily Record)December 22, 2017 – Health Care in Maryland

In our lead up to the Annapolis Summit, we are examining the hot button issue of Healthcare, which will be debated front and center once again, in the 2018 Maryland General Assembly. Should Maryland compensate for the repeal of the federal individual mandate shifting that mandate to the state? Some officials are looking to “re-insurance,” supported by the insurance industry. Will anything ensure coverage for all? And what about cost containment?

The debate is illustrated in this podcast by our two guests: Vincent DeMarco, President of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative; and Baltimore County Republican Delegate Chris West.

The 15th Annual Annapolis Summit will be held on the Opening Day of the Maryland General Assembly, January 10, 2018, from 7:30-9:30am, at the Governor Calvert House in Annapolis. The event starts at 7:30am with a networking breakfast, and then beginning at 8:00 I will interview Governor Larry Hogan, President of the Senate Thomas V. ” Mike” Miller and Speaker of the House Michael Busch. 
The Annapolis Summit is produced in partnership with The Daily Record and is sponsored by Maryland State Bar Association, ChimesMaryland State Education AssociationAlexander & Cleaver, and VPC, Inc.
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