Lom Nava Love: Documentary

October 10, 2016 – Segment 2 screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-10-32-40-am

We have a preview of a powerful documentary that will have its premiere this weekend, Lom Nava Love. Lom Nava Love is the story of Black families in inner city Baltimore harnessing their strengths to challenge the systems and institutions that threaten to dictate their realities. With: Fanon Hill, cultural organizer, co-Founder and Executive Director of the Youth Resiliency Institute, trainer for the National Rites of Passage Institute, and writer and Director of Lom Nava Love; Navasha Daya, singer-songwriter whose voice is featured on the film’s soundtrack, and co-Founder and Director of the healing and performing arts at the Youth Resiliency Institute; Ms. Shirley Foulks, Baltimore Public Housing activist who is featured in the film; and Ms. Greta Carter-Willis, Baltimore mother who lost her son to police brutality many years ago and has been organizing with other mothers who have lost children to violence, and Founder of the Kevin L. Cooper Foundation.
Lom Nava Love will premiere Saturday, October 15th at 1pm at the Cherry Hill Homes Recreation Center.