The World That Brought Us Freddie Gray: Episode 2 – Policing & Police-Community Relations

Baltimore PoliceMay 10, 2016 – Segment 1

We begin the show with Episode 2 of The World That Brought Us Freddie Gray, a 5-part radio documentary produced by students at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in collaboration with the UMBC American Studies Department, Baltimore Traces, and the Center for Emerging Media. During the past semester as part of the UMBC American Studies Class “Radio In American Culture” taught by Steiner Show producer Stefanie Mavronis and myself, students have worked to produce a series highlighting the voices of residents of Baltimore City who have all in one way or another been affected by the death of Freddie Gray and the Uprising that followed.

Episode 2 on Policing and Police-Community Relations features the voices of civil rights layer A Dwight Pettit, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s Neill Franklin, Communities United’s John Comer, Gilmor Homes resident Tyesha Harrell, McCulloh Homes resident Rochelle Barksdale, former Baltimore police officer Michael A. Wood Jr., and The Real News’ Eddie Conway.

Production, research, editing, and voice work for today’s segment on Policing and Police-Community Relations was done by: Jeremy Mosier, Charlie Klontz, Laura Osborne, and Bryan Hargraves with executive production assistance by Marc Steiner, Stefanie Mavronis and Adam Droneburg.