Tyrone West’s Murder: One Year Later

Family of Tyrone WestJuly 14, 2014 – Segment 3

We look at the upcoming anniversary on July 18 of a tragic event in Baltimore: the death of Tyrone West while in the custody of the Baltimore police.Where have we come since then? Where do we still need to go? With: Stephen Janis,  award-winning investigative reporter for WBFF-TV and co-author of You Can’t Stop Murder: Truths About Policing in Baltimore and Beyond; the Rev. Dr. Heber Brown, pastor at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church and community leader; and family members of Tyrone West, who will discuss their continued search for justice.

On July 18 the Family of Tyrone West is asking people to join them at 6:00pm at the location of his death, the corner of Kitmore & Kelway Streets in Baltimore. On July 19 at 2:30pm Red Emma’s will host a special sneak preview screening of a documentary titled “Year in the Transmigration of Tyrone West.”