Trans & Incarcerated: Chelsea Manning and “Orange Is The New Black”

Chelsea Manning

August 26, 2013 – Segment 1

We begin the week with a conversation about transgender people who are incarcerated, in light of Bradley Manning’s announcement last week that she identifies as a woman named Chelsea. We speak to:

  • Lauren McNamara, marketing writer who lives in Orlando who was called to testify at the Chelsea Manning trial because of online chats she had with Manning, and author of “The Humanity of Private Manning”;
  • Cecilia Chung, senior strategist at the Transgender Law Center;
  • and Monica Stevens, local activist.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Subject: Dear Editors:
    Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 09:29:23 -0400


    Dear Editors:

    Emily Nussbaum’s insightful review of netflix’s series, “Orange if the
    New Black” (New Yorker July 8 & 15) brings to mind our experiences in
    Federal Prisons for anti draft actions during the Vietnam War days. We
    underwent, and are still, similar experiences from a slightly different
    perspective, easily mingling with the “common criminals”, which types
    Piper Kerman so well describes in her book of the same name. After all,
    we all had good reasons to dislike the feds. My mentor, Father Philip
    Berrigan, who spent 11 of his last 35 years in prison- recommended the
    experience. We could see through the eyes of the poor and outcast. We
    did not just follow the Biblical injunction- visit those in prison- we
    were with them. The Plowshares Transform Now three sit in prison in
    Georgia, awaiting sentencing. In a way- they are freeer (sp) than those
    of us outside the walls.

    David Eberhardt
    4 Hadley Sq N
    Baltimore, Md. 21218

  2. Thinking of Marc’s comments at the beginning of the program abt the March in DC- check out Gloria Richardson on Democracy Now- on that same program check out Malcolm X’s view of the original march as a sell out- etc. shades of grey.

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