The Debate Between Charter Schools & Traditional Public Schools

Baltimore, Md.--1/30/13-- Students of Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy packed the Baltimore City Public Schools Board of Commissioners during a meeting on the renewal recommendation of operator run schools (charter schools.)  Photo by: Kenneth K. Lam/The Baltimore Sun  _KKL7619  md-p4-charter-school-hearing lamFebruary 9, 2015 – Segment 2

Where do you fall in the debate between charter schools and traditional public schools? We talk to people with different opinions on charter schools about school closings, school funding, and the future of education.

With: Dr. Jessica T. Shiller, Professor of Urban Education at Towson University, who produced and directed the documentary Schools Out: Closing Baltimore Schools with New Lens and the Baltimore Algebra Project; Dr. Roni Ellington, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Morgan State University; Bobbi Macdonald, Executive Director of the City Neighbors Foundation; and Dr. Kimberly Moffitt, Associate Professor of American Studies at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and Founding Parent at the Baltimore Collegiate School For Boys.