Temperature Rising: Climate March Awareness

New Economy Week People's Climate AgendaApril 25, 2017 – Segment 3

We hosted a preview of a special event taking place Wednesday night at the Motor House: Temperature Rising, a Climate March Awareness Showcase! We heard from artists commissioned by MICA to produce works that would engage participation in the upcoming People’s Climate March, with support from the Town Creek Foundation.

With: Meagan Buster aka Ducky Dynamotouring DJ, curator and creative consultant, former Maryland Team Leader and Forecaster for Foot’s Forecast, and “Social media meteorologist;” teacher, artist, and cultural organizer Valeska Populoh, who has been collaborating with several other artists to support a series of art builds at Black Cherry Puppet Theater in the weeks leading up to the march; Akea Brown; and Torianne Montes- Schiff.