Sound Bites: Federal Farm Bill Slated To Pass | GMO Labeling Returns To Annapolis Legislative Agenda

Farm BillFebruary 4, 2014 – Segment 4

We discuss and debate of the latest federal Farm Bill, which is slated to pass through Congress today, on the newest installment of Sound Bites. The bill, which would more aptly be named the Food Bill, addresses many parts of our lives that might surprise you. We begin this discussion with a general overview, with: Tim Murphy, a reporter in Mother Jones’ DC bureau. Then we move to a debate on the bill, with:

Do you care whether your food contains Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs? There is currently a debate taking place in the Maryland Legislature over whether to label foods as containing GMOs. Joining us to discuss the issue on air are two members of the Maryland State Senate’s Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee: Senator J.B. Jennings, Republican who represents Maryland’s District 7 in Baltimore County and Harford County; and Senator Karen Montgomery, Democrat who represents Maryland’s District 14 in Montgomery County. Senator Montgomery will be sponsoring the bill that would require the labeling of products containing GMOs.