Sound Bites: A Visit To Black Dirt Farm On The Eastern Shore| Carbon-Neutral Fertilizer | Recipe: Mussels With Colette’s Stefano Porcile

Black Dirt Farm in Preston, MDMay 26, 2016 – Segment 3

For the newest episode of Sound Bites, our series on food, agriculture, the environment, and our future. Steiner Show Senior Producers Stefanie Mavronis and Mark Gunnery visit Black Dirt Farm in Preston, Maryland, where they talk with co-owner and co-operator Blain Snipstal.

Then I talk with two scientists about an important scientific advancement that could pave the way for a potential breakthrough in farming: Carbon-neutral fertilizer production. With: Dr. Katherine A. Brown, Staff Scientist at National Renewable Energy Laboratory; and Dr. Paul King, Staff Scientist and Manager of the Photobiology Group at National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

We close the show with a mouth-watering recipe for mussels from local chef Stefano Porcile, Executive Chef at Colette restaurant in Baltimore.