September 30, 2010 – Hour 1

Yesterday some big education news was announced in Baltimore.  The city public schools and the Baltimore Teachers Union reached a tentative contract agreement that would upend many long-standing provisions, including the link between a teacher’s pay and the number of years that he or she has taught in the system.  In order to go into effect, the contract must still be approved by the teachers union and the school board, but the proposal is already making waves in education circles around the country.  Baltimore is one of the first cities in the nation to try linking teachers’ pay with performance rather than tenure, and the fact that the proposal is the result of cooperation between the union and school officials is even more unusual.  
Today we’re joined by four city school teachers, who offer their thoughts on the contract.
Iris Kirsch is a fifth year teacher at Heritage High School
Matt Stern is a third year teacher in the Baltimore City School Department
Charles Dugger has taught in the public school system in Baltimore for over 40 years
Trinya Smith teaches grades 6 – 8 at ConneXions Community Leadership Academy

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Mone Fryson says:

    I belive that teachers need to teach in a way that is not dictated by the board of education because their dictatorship is causing teachers to teach this curriculum that is geared towards failure. I am a student myself, I graduated from a public high school and I believe that Heritage High in comparison to Baltimore Polytechnic has significant differences. I attended both schools and at Poly, kids are teach with this structure of one way learning, while at Heritage the teaching is geared towards how a student learns…which is great and if all schools could be like this, than there would be a higher attendance rate, gpa’s, and lower drop out rate. I do believe that teachers are doing there all, or what they can do with out loosing their job and so they should not get a raise based on the prrogression of the student but they should get a raised based on their effort and contributions to the students education. I would not be where I am today if it was for God, my family/friends, and my teachers. Thank you Iris Kirsch, Sean Martin, Anita Snyder, and the money that placed dedication, effort, time, encouragement, and love into my academic development….I love my public educaion but I just wish it was more geared to what the teachers want because in the end, they are the one’s running in the jungle, catching hell, and fighting this battle against ignorance, spreading the message of education to all. These people are who the students see everyday, not the background officials who placed these restrictions of what we can and cannot learn! Damn them people!

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