September 29, 2008

The $700 billion bailout plan that was supposed to keep America from going into a economic tailspin was voted down by the House today. Where does the rescue effort go from here? Was the plan fundamentally flawed or was its failure a result of politics?

Is a better plan possible?
Marc was joined by:

  • Anirban Basu, economic expert and CEO and Chairman of Sage Policy Group
  • Anne McCarthy, Business professor and former Republican candidate for Comptroller
  • Dr. Bala Subrmaian, Professor of Business at Morgan State University
  • Steve Isberg, Finance professor at University of Baltimore
  • Kevin Zeese, former candidate for US Senate and current Executive Director of the Campaign for Fresh Air and Clean Politics

Also go here to hear Marc’s interview with Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards, who also voted against the plan.