September 23: This Day in History

coltraneSeptember 23, 2014 – Segment 1

Marc shares some of the events that happened on this day in history, including the births of John Coltrane and Ray Charles, the 1943 declaration of the Italian Socialist Republic, and the 1890 election of John Mercer Langston to the US Congress. He was the first black person elected to represent the state of Virginia in Congress and the only one for at least another 100 years.   


Today is, 

Holocaust Memorial Day, Lithuania

National Day, Saudi Arabia

On this day,

1641 – The Merchant Royal, a 700 ton British galleon carrying treasure worth $1b US (todays money), sinks off the cost of Cornwall at Land’s End.  The fortune was amassed over three years of trade between Spanish and British colonies in the West Indies.  18 Men were drowned in the sinking of the ship.

1806 – American explorers Louis and Clark return to St. Louis after exploring the  Pacific Northwest of the United States.

1845 – The Knickerbockers Baseball Club; the first baseball team to play undr the modern rules is founded in New York

1889 – Nintendo Koppai (later Nintendo, company Limited) is founded by FusajiroYamauchi, to produce and market the playing card game Hanafuda. Yamauchi was 29 years old when he founded the popular store. In 1933 the business was renamed Nintendo & Company.   Over the years Nintendo Company grew, opening multiple locations and offering a variety of games including original creations and western playing cards which had previously been banned by the Japanese government.  In 1959 the company struck a deal with Disney to use their characters on Nintendo playing cards.  In the 70’s the company made the leap to electronic games and the rest, as they say is history!

1890 – John Mercer Langston became the first black person elected to represent the state of Virginia in Congress and the only one for at least another 100 years.

1905 – Karlstad Treaty was signed, resolving the treaty between Norway and Sweden.  The treaty saw the peaceful conclusion between the two nations which had been a single union since 1814.

1923 – Nancy Green, storyteller, cook and one of the first African Americans hired to promote a corporate trademark died.

1943 – The Italian Socialist Republic is proclaimed.  As the tide of the war began to favor the allied forces all of Italy joined side, save for the north which was a Nazi stronghold.  Mussolini had been held under house arrest but was rescued by Axis forces.  He was placed as the puppet head of a puppet government whosestrings were pulled by Hitler and the Nazi government.  The short lived, faux republic boasted a fascist army of 15,000 soldiers and had its own flag and national anthem.  \

1962 – The Lincoln Center for the performing arts opened on this day in NYC. The center’s three buildings, Avery Fisher Hall (formerly Philharmonic Hall), David H. Koch Theater (formerly the New York State Theater) and the Metropolitan Opera House were opened in 1962, 1964 and 1966, respectively.

1983 – St. Kitts and Nevis join the United Nations

2000 – Carl Thomas Rowan, journalist, author and diplomat died on this day.

2002 – The first public version of Mozilla Firefox is released.


1215 – Kublai Khan, Mongolian emperor

1839 – Helen Almira Shafer, American educator; president of Wellesley College

1863 – Mary Eliza Terrell, American Social activist and civil rights advocate

1869 – Typhoid Mary, Irish American carrier of typhoid fever

1889 – Walter Lippmann, American newspaper commentator and author

1926 – Andre Cassagnes, French toymaker and creator o the Etch a Sketch

This day in Music: Birthdays 

1926 – John Coltrane

1930 – Ray Charles

1935 – Les McCann, American pianist and vocalist

1938 – Ben E. King, born on this day Henderson, North Carolina

1943 – Julio Iglesias

1949 – Bruce Springsteen, born on this day in Long Branch, New Jersey

1972 – Jermaine Dupri, born on this day in Asheville, North Carolina

This day in Music

1957 – The Crikets’, ‘That’ll Be The Day’ reaches No.1

1958 – Fats Domino records “Whole Lotta Loving”

1967 – The Doors release ‘People are Strange’

1974 – John Lennon records ‘Whatever Gets You Thru The Night”

1982 – Brenda Lee is inducted into the Georgia Hall of Fame