September 22, 2009 – Hour 2

In the second half of today’s show, we journey to Baghdad to learn about the ways that the American invasion changed the daily lives of ordinary citizens.  Filmmaker Ziad Jazzaa and impressionist painter Shakir Alousi are both refugees from the Iraqi capital who now live in Baltimore.  Ziad Jazzaa’s new online film, Hometown Baghdad, follows three young Iraqis whose hopes for an ordinary life were shattered by the invasion.  Alousi’s work explores the realities of life in a war torn country.  With Sawsan Al-Sayyab from the Baltimore office of the International Rescue Committee translating, they joined Marc to talk about their work, their new life in Baltimore, and the future of the creative arts in post-invasion Iraq.

This Thursday join Ziad Jazzaa, Shakir Alousi, and other refugees from Iraq at the Creative Alliance for a screening of Hometown Baghdad, an exhibition of Alousi’s paintings, and an Iraqi food tasting.  You can watch Hometown Baghdad here.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Nezar H. Mhawi says:

    the empty places in Baghdad telling the story, we still seeing Ziad when we work, we always say that Ziad was ganna make the light in a different way, we still looking at the empty chairs, Ziad was sitting here!
    many sounds crashing the memory, many stories recalling the images that we’ve been living with, & now we deeply know the meaning of Shadows, the places in Baghdad are full of shadows, Ziad & our other friends left behind them their shadows, on the trees, at the bars, around the streets, above the air itself!
    i wish all my friends the best, especially Ziad, i know it’s quite hard at the start but i’m pretty sure that Ziad will work it out, he’s a great artist & a real one & for sure he’ll do what he dreams about, simply because he earn it…
    from Baghdad, Nezar…

  2. Najwa Al-amin says:

    I posted a comment yesterday….may be it didnt go through,here is my comment again..

    Is this a paid add. for BRC? I was expecting to hear more about the artist’s and their work on this program.
    Shakir has a show coming I didn’t hear about it, Ziad will show at George Town University in Washington DC. On Nov. 4th, A close friend of his who lives in DC has arranged for it.
    Both Shakir Al-alousi and Ziad Jazza are Very Well known established Iraqi Artists. I wish Baltimore finds them and benefits from what they can offer as far as artistic expertise.
    As the BRC is celebrating its anniversary, I really wished they have remembered to acknowledge the local community in Baltimore, who is putting their time, their cars, some times their homes, donations of all kinds to help the Organization do its job, and I am not talking about anchors here…..the employees are working hard? Aren’t they supposed to, I think they are getting paid for the work they do!

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