September 14, 2009 – Hour 2

On Friday, Fox News broke with a scandal: an independent filmmaker had gone undercover with a female associate, posing as a prostitute and a pimp, to solicit condemning remarks from ACORN staff… and it appears they were successful, getting advice on everything from tax evasion to sex trafficking for minors who are in the country illegally. You can see the piece in its entirety on YouTube:

Part One

Part Two

The tape has clearly audible edits and dubs, making the content’s authenticity  problematic. So far, Fox News hasn’t responded to ACORN’s request for the unaltered tapes, but the question remains: why wasn’t this fairly obvious set up questioned by ACORN staff from square one? What is ACORN going to do in the future around matters of self-protection and transparency?

Our panel today included:

  • Sonja Merchant-Jones, long-time ACORN member and leader
  • Michelle Moore, Maryland Field Director

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Aljorie says:

    ACORN embarassed themselves unfortunately with not learning from last year (and the voter fraud with registering false names) and the right wing witchhunt on their butts to not dot their I’s and cross their T’s and keep their noses clean AFTER THAT MAJOR MATTER! That is what the CEO with her attitude she showcased on CNN needs to be told FOR REAL and be held accountable for the incompetent fools. It is a shame an organization that is for good has come under scrutiny because of their incompetent shady people who work in their offices!!! Unfortunately because they showcase generally good for people of color and the poor (the two groups neocons love to hate and not want to help) along with Obama’s hot minute ties to them and them getting gov’t funding intensifies the ACORN witchhunt on the right!!

    I feel for ACORN’s battle they are dealing with but I am sorry they brought this on themselves which is unfortunate!

  2. Aljorie says:

    I do believe there is good in ACORN and what they do. Yet I don’t mean any harm to Michelle Moore but SHE NEEDS TO STOP BLAMING RIGHT WING MEDIA FOR THEIR OWN **** SHORT COMINGS and things that came about as a result of these videos!!!

    ACORN needs to TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY of the fact they have some staff members that aren’t trained properly or don’t care about doing their job right and or both. They need to get a grip on reality and realize THEIR BLAME in this as well. PLEASE TRAIN FUTURE WORKERS AND RETRAIN YOUR CURRENT WORKERS on what to do and NOT TO DO!!! Again ACORN should have been trying to dot all I’s and cross all T’s after the voter fraud drama in ’08!! Again also because of the fact that this organization helps people of color and the poor (again Right Wing favorite targets of opposition, hatred and disgust) and because you have faulty workers you guys put yourself in a position to be a hit by the opposition!!

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