September 12, 2012 – Segment 4


On Sunday, September 9th, I had the opportunity to sit down with Javier Sicilia, Mexican poet, essayist, novelist, and journalist, when he was in Baltimore with the Caravan for Peace, a traveling group of Mexican activists that have made their way across the United States to talk about the War on Drugs and its impact on Mexican communities. The Caravan started in Tijuana, Mexico and completes its journey today in Washington, DC.
Javier‘s son, Juan Francisco, was murdered by drug gang members in Mexico in March of 2011. This spurred Javier to lead protests in Mexico against the War on Drugs. His organization, the Movement for Peace and Justice with Dignity, calls for an end to the war and the violence faced by Mexican communities.
To learn more about Sicilia’s work, his organization, and the Caravan for Peace and Justice, please visit Many thanks to Jorge Gonzalez de Leon, Javier’s translator.