Republican Gubernatorial Candidates For MD: Brian Vaeth & Duane “Shorty” Davis

Duane "Shorty" DavisJune 18, 2013 – Segment 2

We begin our show with Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Vaeth and his running mate Duane “Shorty” Davis.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. S says:

    Why don’t you ask Shorty, how is he doing any of this since he is homeless?? And what kind of example would he be when he ignores rules and sneaks his flip video camera into courtrooms. And he brings up child support, he has kids, ask him when and how often does he support them?? He himself hasn’t worked in some time. He doesn’t even have a job. Oh, and take a look at Vaeth’s Facebook or Twitter page, he really speaks like someone I would want as my Governor or representative of our state. On one occasion he speaks about how he can try and pick up a beauty pageant contestant, asking what is a good pick up line. He curses and refers to his anatomy. He is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. This is completely crazy.

  2. Aaron Robinson says:

    S. You really need to remove that broomstick from your butt. Take a chill pill. Consult your doctor if a pain in that general region persists. Rather than whinge & whine & try & shoot people down, have a go at adding something constructive to the discourse for a change. I often wonder, whether it IS the system that’s broken, or whether too many people just want to have a sook about things, without any real intention of offering a solution. Go back to the drawing board and offer up a suggestion, instead of a complaint.
    If we ALL did that, maybe our predicament might dramatically change for the better…

  3. Julie Brown says:

    All voters do your research before voting.

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