Remembering JFK’s Assassination

JFK-AssassinationNovember 22, 2013 – Segment 1

We mark the 50th anniversary of President John Kennedy’s assassination with reflections on that day from:

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Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. let me listen to the program- I’m sure I’ll have more to say

    but for now: I am a supporter of Democracy Now. I am a Dorothy Day activist protestor. But you lessen my respect with an unquestioned run of Oliver Stone’s views.

    I wrote a review on JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by fellow peacenik traveller (to me, Jim DouglasI could apply as well to Stone.

    …. just listening to a Mr Aynsworth at the Texas book festival (10/16/13) – the irrefutable evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter- Jim’s otherwise great book is hence undermined to the extent that he pushes a conspiracy theory altho- I agree w the tenor of the book- why make up stuff that did not happen? Many have explained how Oswald could have done what he did (and imagine how much MORE lucky to have him AND shooters on the grassy knoll coorinate in the days before cell phones.

    It’s enough that capitalism and the military industrial complex are the “grand conspiracy”- the unspeakable. Isn’t enough to know that rifles are still very accessible (even by instagram?). Stone and Kuznick give alot of plausible enough theories about the US in their series- from the Spanish Citil War on- but they have to go far afield re Kennedy- the (according to them) peacnik.

    Action for non violence (say gun control) now is what matters- not obscure, unproven conspiracy theories. What is the NSA and CIA doing now. I realize they are quite capable of evil, horrible things. Talk to those who protest drones now- talk to Chelsea Manning.

    Again, how were shots from Oswald and the grassy knoll coordinated? What about absurd theory that a person was in a storm drain?

    Amy asks no real hard questions. If these guys are so sure somebody else did it- who? Are they afraid to name names? Douglass does name names but does not follow up. Allen Dulles? Richard Helms? The CIA? Oswald did not know he was a patsy? Give me a break (brake).

    Douglass naive at best….thus he gets away w little facts by referring to an “unspeakable”. Not enough for me. And then top go on and claim conspiracies for ML King, Malcolm X, Robert K? Good Lord.

    Nor Amy nor Jim D not give enough credence to the counter arguments (and neither does Oliver Stone).

    If he has the facts let him prove it. Be bold enough to say “I’m speculating”.

    Kennedy enabled war and lived by the sword- thus did he die. Kennedy killed more persons than Oswald.

  2. Marc Steiner says:

    David: The podcast is now available. We will be posting the full-length versions of each of our interviews in the coming minutes.

    Stefanie – Producer, Marc Steiner Show

  3. get tired of so calleI knew it would be like this. and Rodrix can’t even touch it- but you didn’t either. (can you stand some criticism?)

    Now that I have listened to the program on JFK, may I say 1 Freeman Hrabowski? cliche after cliche- do you think Kennedy- a cold war warrior (Operation Mongoose) was any less violent than Oswald?

    Tell me Marc- any of yr guests capable of analyzing- at that time- a critical view of Kennedy? So why do we obsess abt- where were you???

    the myth of Camelot- people are still buying the bs-

    Did any of yr guests talk abt gun control? You had on one guest with anything relevant!

    Id adults mouthing bs shallow bool shit- don’t you?

    Please bring on real guests. Please?

    dave eberhardt baltimore poet activist

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