Race, Class & Gender: Black Lives Matter Activist Jasmine Richards’ Lynching Sentence

Jasmine RichardsJune 8, 2016 – Segment 3

We look at two disturbing legal cases in sharp contrast, both out of California: The sentencing of Black Lives Matter activist Jasmine Richards to 90 days (18 served ) and 3 years probation for “felony lynching,” a technical term in California penal code that means “the taking by means of a riot of another person from the lawful custody of a peace officer;” and the sentencing of a Stanford University male athlete convicted on three felony accounts of raping an unconscious woman on Stanford’s campus – a case that included two eye-witness accounts – who must register as a sex offender but will only serve only six months in prison.

With: Kalima Young, instructor at Towson University and University of Maryland College Park; Dr. Desiree Melton, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Associate Director of the APA Site Visit Program in the School of Arts & Sciences at Notre Dame of Maryland University; and Brittany Oliver, women’s rights activist and co-director of Hollaback! Baltimore.