Reflections On The Unger Decision: Life After Imprisonment

4-2-14 Baltimore, MD- Walter Lomax, a 1968 Murder Suspect who was incarcerated for 39years, at the press conference outside of the Mitchell Courthouse in Baltimore City, after his conviction was vacated and the charge against him dismissed. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)May 3, 2016 – Segment 2

Our panel of guests reflects upon the decision in Merle Unger v. State of Maryland (the Unger Decision), which led to the release of over 130 prisoners in Maryland, convicted prior to 1981, who were serving life prison terms. We examine how these former prisoners are faring since their release.

With: Rebecca Bowman-Rivas, LCSW, Law & Social Work Service Program Manager for the University of Maryland Carey School of Law; Joanie Shreve, LCSW, Social Worker at the Maryland Office of the Public Defender; Stanley Mitchell, former prisoner who was released because of the Unger Decision; and Walter Lomax, Executive Director of the Maryland Restorative Justice Initiative.