Juvenile Justice: Conversation with Ray Cook and Timmy

In this podcast, Marc talks with community activists Timmy and Ray Cook about reforming the Juvenile Justice system.

Ray Cook

Ray Cook is an ex-felon who has dedicated his life to helping save young people. After appearing on The Marc Steiner Show and meeting Secretary Donald Devore, he was offered a job at Department of Juvenile Services down at "Baby Booking." Just a few months ago, he quit in frustration, no longer willing to bang his head against an entrenched bureaucracy.

Ray is back in the streets now, working with the youth in Cherry Hill.  He uses unorthodox methods to help young men and women see a better life for themselves.  He talked with Marc about his experience at DJS and how he thinks the system needs to change.

Joining Ray in the conversation was his mentee Timmy, a young man who spent time in DJS.  He had a lot to say about the system and how he believes it is failing young men in Baltimore.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.  Running Time 41 minutes.