Perkins Homes Residents Speak Out About Baltimore’s Harbor Point Development

Perkins Homes Protest at City HallJuly 12, 2013 – Segment 2

We focus on a story that is unfolding in Baltimore, as developers of the affluent Harbor Point are set to receive tax incentives because they have included the Perkins Homes, a low-income housing project that abuts Harbor Point, as part of their catchment area. Councilman Carl Stokes and others are holding hearings calling on the developers to invest at least $15.6 million in Perkins Homes.

Residents of Perkins Homes, who testified at the hearings, will join us to talk about their demands, including Ojeda Hall, Lead organizer for BUILD; Denise “Neci” Street, Resident of Perkins Homes; Sharone Henderson, Resident of Perkins Homes and PTO President of City Springs Elementary; and Donnetter Herndon, Resident of Perkins Homes.