Over-Policed, Yet Underserved: West Baltimore Residents Share Stories Of Police Misconduct

Over-Policed, Yet UnderservedMarch 10, 2016 – Segment 1

We begin the show with a look at a report released by No Boundaries Coalition, a Central West Baltimore community organization, on alleged police misconduct in West Baltimore. The report is titled “Over-Policed, Yet Underserved,” and details stories of police misconduct witnessed and experienced by West Baltimore residents.

Our panel of guests includes: Talear Marrow, part of the No Boundaries Coalition and sister of Jeffrey Marrow who was killed in a police-involved shooting in 2006; Eze Jackson, Organizer for Campaign for Justice Safety and Jobs; and Rebecca Nagle, Director of the No Boundaries Coalition.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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