October 5, 2010 – Hour 1

The headlines about this year’s gubernatorial race in Maryland are all about the rematch between Governor Martin O’Malley and former Governor Robert Ehrlich.  Today on the Marc Steiner Show we bring you one of the candidates whose voice is often left out of the stories.  Joining us in the studio is Maria Allwine, Green Party Candidate in the gubernatorial race.  She joins us to discuss her solutions for Maryland’s economic woes, the extent that our two party system shuts out third-party candidates, and what steps she would take if she were elected governor.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. David Smith says:

    I am not a Green Party voter, and only support traditional marriage, but your position on a State Owned Bank may win my vote. We desparately need monetary reform (as well as political campaign finance reform) specifically for the Treasury to issue its own debt free currency. But a State Owned Bank is the next best thing. Our debt based currency is draining the wealth from our nation, and other nations around the world. We will never be a free or sovereign nation until we have our own debt free and interest free currency. These are the most important issues facing our nation today. Thank you for your initiative in supporting a State Owned Bank.

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