October 29, 2008

After more than a dozen years of debate, the issue of whether or not slot machine gambling has a place in Maryland  is about to be determined.

On Tuesday, voters will make the decision.  Will the Maryland constitution be amended in order to allow 15,000 slot machines to come to five difference locations?

Advocates for both sides made their final pitch.

Our guests today included Tom Lobianco, a Maryland Politics reporter; Aaron Meisner, Chairman of Stop Slots Maryland; and Steve Kearney, Governor O’Malley’s former communications director and spokesman for Pro-Slots group "For Maryland, For Our Future." 

Due to a problem with the CD writer, about four minutes of today’s show weren’t recorded. Fortunately, most of our unrecorded segment was the break. You will find a five second silence at that point. We apologize for any inconvenience.