October 28, 2010 – Hour 1

Join us for another episode of On Delmarva. This week we offer a panel discussion about the future of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. We brought together four people who have very different takes on oysters – a scientist, a waterman, an historian, and an environmental writer – to take on the tough questions about why the oyster population has crashed, what steps we can take to restore more oysters to the bay, and the future of the many people who make their living on the water. At the end of the show, listen to this week’s commentary from correspondent Tom Horton, as he takes on conventional wisdom about partisan politics and environmentalism.

Our panel is:

Russell Dize, a sixth generation waterman

Christine Keiner, author of The Oyster Question: Scientists, Watermen, and the Maryland Chesapeake Bay since 1880

Mike Naylor, Director of the Shellfish Program at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Tom Horton, an Eastern Shore native who covered the environment for the Baltimore Sun for 35 years