Not About A Riot: Stories of Hope, Resilience, and Community

Not About a Riot (Credit: EMP Collective)November 18, 2015 – Segment 3

We take a look at an exciting new film premiering this Sunday, November 22, at 7:00pm at the EMP CollectiveNot About a Riot tells the stories of the Baltimore Uprising that media didn’t cover – stories of hope, resilience, and community.

With: Malaika Aminata Clements, Morgan State University Print Journalism graduate and Director of Not About a Riot; and Nia Hampton, writer and filmmaker.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. dave eberhardt says:

    glad to see yr presenting some hope

    this panel seemed pretty hopeless- Baltimore Book Festival- Panel- Why do they kill (was that the title?) Observations by David Eberhardt- a leftist, Dorothy Day, peace and civil rights movement activist and poet.

    With host Sean Yoes, Tim Wise, Lester Spence, Sheri Parks, D Watkins and Stephen Janis.
    Over all discouraging- at least to me- positives- some consciousness raising- altho mainly white audience pretty much the “choir”. A few solutions were presented- Lester Spence at the end mentions the group organizing on the cop killings (other than Freddie Grey). That was about it. Yoes brings up the coming mayoral election but no one has a good candidate to mention- Janis thinks it’s hopeless. Watkins doesn’t think about it at all. Yoes, as host, should have asked more for solutions- in my opinion.
    What about organizing to change things- these guys and gal sounded hopeless.
    A great part is the usual – what I call: atrocity listing- what is bad, what is very bad. Could persons who have some solutions be chosen for stuff like this? Persons like Brendann Walsh or David Miller? Ralph Moore?
    The panelists are teachers and writers and one reporter. They are not activists.
    Why is everybody, as Chuck Berry said, “campaign shouting like a southern diplomat”? Everybody talks loud and fast and the higher the voice is raised in self righteous high dudgeon, the more likely the audience to clap. Few seem thoughtful- maybe Ms. Parks, a little. Does one have to be screaming and enraged to be exciting?

    There is next to no humor. Nest to no self reflection. All seems non controversial- for example- no one brings up the issue of black on black murder it’s all the sins of whitey- and there are so many.
    Capitalism was mentioned onc e- in passing by D Watkins.
    I’m sending these remarks to those involved (as well as Marc Steiner, who probably knows them all). Reponse welcomed.
    Tell me something I don’t know.

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