National News Roundtable: Trumps SCOTUS Pick, Steve Bannon, & The Alt-Right

SCOTUSFebruary 6, 2017 – Segment 1

I host a National News Roundtable that talked about Donald Trump’s nomination for SCOTUS and Steve Bannon. With: Bill Fletcher Jr., Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, editorial board member of, co-author of The Indispensable Ally: Black Workers and the Formation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations, 1934-1941 and author of They’re Bankrupting Us! And 20 Other Myths about UnionsSarah Posner, Investigative Fund reporter; Steven Klepper, a lead attorney in Kramon & Graham’s appellate practice; and Dr. Richard Vatz, Professor of Rhetoric and Communication at Towson University’s Department of Instructional Leadership and Professional Development and author of The Only Authentic Book of Persuasion.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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