May 5, 2009 – Hour 2

Last month, animal control officers in Baltimore City began issuing  $1000 citations to dog owners who had their dogs outside without a leash. A City Council Bill aims to reduce the fine, but dog owners point to a lack of dog parks as a serious problem.  We talk about the concerns of Baltimore City dog owners.

This segments panel included:

  • Councilman William Cole, representative of Baltimore’s 11th District, who is co-sponsoring the legislation that would reduce the fine for having dogs off leash and create off-leash hours in Baltimore Parks.
  • Mary Porter, representing Baltimore’s Department of Recreation and Parks
  • Judith Kunst, dog owner and organizer
  • Robert Joyce, an attorney who has offered to be the pro bono representation of any dog owner who receives a $1000 fine


To view and sign the leash law petition mentioned in the program, please click here.