May 20, 2010 – Hour 1

First, another installment of Your Money Matters.  Adrian Johnson discusses building a long-term approach to saving money.

Then, we check back in on city budget negotiations. Many of the proposals to close the massive shortfall facing the city are controversial – from public safety cuts, to a bottle tax, to taxing nonprofits, to the newest proposal to tax billboards, oversized trucks, and video poker machines. 

We start off the discussion with a look at how another city tried a creative approach to budgeting. Alderman Joe Moore from Chicago’s 49th Ward set aside $1.3 million of his budget and let his constituents decide how to spend it. People gathered at meetings to propose spending ideas, and voted to determine how the money should be allocated.

Then, we speak with City Council members about the latest developments in our budget.

Joining us are:

City Council President Jack Young

Councilman Carl Stokes, from the 12th District

Councilwoman Helen Holton, from the 8th District

Councilman Bill Henry, from the 4th District