May 10, 2010 – Hour 2

First, we remember Lena Horne, the legendary singer, actress, and civil rights activist who passed away yesteday at age 92.

First, we remember Lena Horne, the legendary singer, actress, and civil rights activist who passed away yesteday at age 92.

Then, Anthony McCarthy co-hosts as we discuss conservative political dissent in the United States, including accusations of underlying and overt racism within the Tea Party movement.  Our guests are Lenny McAllister, political commentator and frequent speaker at Tea Party protests, and Lester Spence, professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. David Barrett says:

    Dear Mr. Steiner:
    I was really disappointed that you ran out of time before you could take my call. The longer I waited while you took other calls, the more anxious I became and the more issues I wanted to address. This time had allowed me to think more carefully and deeply about what I wanted to say.
    Regarding the woman who called in and said she was conservative and that she was against big government, I have this to say: This person is forgetting that it was so called Big Government that created the laws that made the Great Society and the record civil rights legislation of 1964 that helped to create and advance the black middle class that exists today and sent in the troops to Little Rock, Old Miss and Alabama because local government was a co-conspirator in the enforcement of unjust segregationist laws and itself a repressive force on the civil rights of American citizens. And now she’s against the very government that helped make her and others like her possible. How Kafkaesque is that?
    Second, what do she and your guest (I tuned in too late to get his name) consider Big Government and where were they when Ronald Reagan was president? Do they forget how much government grew under him? Can they share with us the downside of the growth he engineered?
    Your guest spoke about rural and urban America benefiting disproportionately from Big Government but what about the farm subsidies of old and now? Cut out those and we could eliminate an entire Big Government agency within USDA.
    Finally, it does not advance the discourse on the Tea Party people to call them racist. I am a fairly voluminous reader and I do not ever recall anyone who was called a racist (even though he was as transparent as glass) admit that he was. So, what good does it do to call him one? We should just focus on the irrationality of their positions instead of on their motivation. The positions are concrete and can be discussed and criticized against objective criteria. For example, why are there so few black faces in the Tea Party crowds.>? You guest argued that it is because the “majority of the people affected by Obama’s tax policies are white males because they are the ones who own the businesses. The obvious follow on to this is, “Why is that?” and aren’t these the same folks who were so vehemently opposed to the 8(A) Set-Aside program which helped to create and grow thousands of black-owned businesses in federal contracting?
    In closing, I would recommend you seek out Professor Christopher Bracey of Georgetown Law School and author of the 2008 book, Sell Outs or Saviors: Black Conservatism from Booker T. Washington to Condoleezza Rice.

    David H. Barrett
    Columbia, MD
    May 10, 2010

  2. CEM says:

    Hi David – Sorry we didn’t get to your call yesterday, but thanks so much for taking the time to write your thoughts and continue the discussion here.

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