March 8 2010 – hour 2

Baltimore County residents LaGina and Tom Facinoli were part of a successful suit against ExxonMobil after a spill from a nearby gas station contaminated their well.  Last week the Maryland Department of the Environment ruled that Exxon no longer has to monitor some residential wells for contaminants.  We discuss the controversial ruling with the Facinolis and with Jason Timoll, associate with Snyder & Snyder, who was a lawyer for the residents in last year’s trial.
In the second hour we discuss the intersection of military service, rap music, and the First Amendment.  Soldier Marc Hall had served two tours of duty in Iraq when his service was involuntarily extended.  After sending an angry and explicit rap song to his chain of command, and then filing as a conscientious objector Marc Hall is now awaiting trial for endangering fellow officers.  Our guest Jeff Patterson was the first active duty military resister in the Persian Gulf War, and now works with Courage to Resist, and organization that helps conscientious objectors.
You can hear Marc’s song, sign a petition, and learn more here.