March 2, 2011 – Segment 1

Today on the show we’ll talk about high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or fracking for short.  It’s a relatively new technique for drilling for natural gas, and it might be coming to Maryland.  Proponants argue that the technique helps to unlock huge deposits of a fuel that is cleaner than oil and can help reduce our dependence on foreign fuels.  But some communities near the new wells argue that their groundwater has been contaminated to the point where you can light tap water on fire, and a New York Times piece posed questions about the lack of regulation of the sometimes radioactive waste water that results from drilling.
Joining us for a debate on bringing fracking to Maryland are:
Delegate Heather Mizeur, from Maryland’s 20th District
Terry Bossert, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Chief Oil and Gas

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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