March 18, 2009

Families in modern America are more diverse, complicated, expansive, and unconventional than ever before. On today’s show, Marc sat down with author Rebecca Walker, daughter of famous novelist Alice Walker, to discuss her latest work One Big Happy Family.  This new book is a compilation of essays which serves to smash class, race and gender stereotypes to collectively demonstrate the fluidity of the contemporary family unit.

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Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. kdfrick says:

    I loved the discussion on this show.  M wife and I have a family in which she’s more likely to do a repair, she stays at home and runs the kids all over the place, she shops very carefully for all kinds of stuff, but I (and my sons) do most of the grocery shopping and cooking.  Our society does not validate stay at home dads–as discussed on your show.  What I find more interesting in this day and ag is that our society barely even validates stay at home moms any more.

    We also have a few friens who really help us with the kids, and I’ll introduce our next door neighbor as part of the village that raises our children when we have parties involving friends or family/

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