March 15, 2010 – Hour 1

Last week the Insight Center for Community Economic Development released a study called "Lifting As We Climb:Women of Color, Wealth, and America’s Future."  The study that exposed a harsh reality that many Americans live with daily: women in the United States have far less wealth than men.  For women of color the disparity is even greater: the study showed that the median wealth of single black women is $5. 

Marc and Anthony McCarthy co-host a discussion with study author Mariko Chang and blogger Latoya Peterson about the study and how this country can address the massive disparity.

Mariko Chang is the author of the forthcoming book"Shortchanged: Why Women Have Less Wealth and What Can Be Done About It."  She was an associate professor of sociology at Harvard University from 1998-2007.

Latoya Peterson is an editor and frequent contributor at